Independence Day Lotto Prizes

The grand jackpot of ₹400 million is not the only thing that you can win in this Independence Day Draw. A number of prizes for guessing certain numbers are also available. The structure of the Independence Day Lotto prizes is the same as the Lotto India one. The only, and most important difference, is that the Independence Day Lotto has a bigger jackpot prize which can be won.

With each bet only costing ₹40, the Independence Day Lotto has a cheap entry fee compared to other lotteries found on the market. But, what makes this draw even more special is the fact that there are two celebrations rolled into one, Independence Day and the potential of winning the ₹400 million jackpot!

Below you can find the different prizes of the Independence Day Draw:

Independence Day Lotto Prizes
Tier Prize Odds
Match 6 + Joker BallMatch 6 + Joker Ball Jackpot - ₹40 Crore 1 in 79,453,500
Match 6 main numbersMatch 6 main numbers ₹750,000 1 in 19,863,375
Match 5 main numbersMatch 5 main numbers ₹80,000 1 in 75,240
Match 4 main numbersMatch 4 main numbers ₹4,000 1 in 1,400
Match 3 main numbersMatch 3 main numbers ₹400 1 in 75
Match 2 main numbersMatch 2 main numbers ₹40 1 in 10
Match 0 + Joker BallMatch 0 + Joker Ball Free Bet Bonus 1 in 5

*Prizes are converted to INR from the local currency, make sure to keep the exchange rate in mind.

Take a look at the various currency payouts available for the Independence Day Draw.

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Independence Day Lotto Jackpot
€15 Million
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All of the prizes in the Independence Day Lotto are fixed. This means that you always know what you can win when you are picking your numbers. What makes this draw even better is the fact that non-jackpot prizes are not shared. This means that if you and three other players have successfully matched 4 numbers, you will each receive ₹4,000.

Once you have purchased your entries, your numbers will safely be stored in your account. If you happen to be a lucky winner, you can expect an automatic email to notify you that you have won. You will receive your prize directly into your online account shortly after the draw.

For further details on how to claim your prize check out the How to Play page.

How the Independence Day Lotto Jackpot Compares to Other Lotteries

If you're still unsure about trying your hand at this draw then take a look at how the Independence Day Lotto top prize compares to others found on the market. This table is based on the average jackpots associated with each lotto throughout the last few years.

Independence Day Lotto compared to other lotteries
Lottery Average Jackpot Amount
Independence Day Lotto ₹400 Million
South Africa Daily Lotto ₹2.15 Million
Jaldi 3 ₹40 Thousand
Polish Lotto ₹176 Million
Australia Powerball ₹625 Million