About the Independence Day Lotto

The Independence Day Lotto is a yearly Lotto India’s bumper draw which gives players the opportunity to win a jackpot of ₹400 million for just ₹40 per set of numbers. This page is where you can find all of the necessary information about the Independence Day Draw. All topics are covered from how to play to how the prizes are distributed. Pick one of the boxes below to read all about it.

How to Play Independence Day Lotto

To take part in the Independence Day Lotto players are required to choose 6 main numbers between 1 and 50, together with one Joker Ball from 1 - 5. Players also have the option of playing with randomly generated numbers by using the ‘Quick Pick’ feature.

Lotto Guide


The lowest prize available is a Free Bet Bonus with the highest available prize being the ₹400 million jackpot. The lowest prize can be won by simply guessing the Joker Ball, whilst the jackpot can be won by matching the six main numbers together with the Joker Ball. For more information click below.

Lotto Prizes
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Independence Day Lotto Jackpot
€15 Million
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Sorry, Independence Day
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For all of the frequently asked questions and their answers, you can head on over to the specially dedicated FAQ page. Here you can find what time the results are made live, what your odds of winning are, how to claim your prize, and more



Make sure that you have taken a look at this page before placing any bets. Here is where you can find how to register together with how any potential winnings are paid out to you.

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